Questions And Help

1:  What internet speed is needed for the Watch Everything Free TV Box?  
We recommend a minimum download speed of 8 Mbps.

2: What is your return policy and product warranty?

In order for us to issue a credit for the  Watch Everything Free TV unit we must receive the item back in our Home Office 14 days after delivery.   At that time we must confirm it is in proper working condition.  Once we confirm it is working properly, we will issue a credit less a $5 processing fee and the original cost of shipping.  There is a one-year warranty on the  Watch Everything Free TV unit.

4: Will the  Watch Everything Free TV unit work outside of the US? 
Yes, provided your internet service has a minimum download speed of  8 Mbps!  

5: I have an international prospect interested in buying the Watch Everything Free TV box and participating in this opportunity.  What countries can you accept enrollments from?

Please email customer support for any inquires about the countries we are currently doing business in.

6: Is the Watch Everything TV box legal?

Yes! It is legal because copyrighted materials are not being recorded, downloaded or captured in any way.  This device simply streams content that is already available on the internet.  However, if you were to download any of the streaming content to your computer, hard drive, or disk, you would be using the device in an illegal manner.

Before anyone purchases a Watch Everything Free TV unit, they must agree to our terms of sale that they will use the device for their personal use only, this device will not be used in public places.

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