The owner of Watch Everything Free TV goes above and beyond the call of duty. Especially when it comes to providing excellent service and timely payments to his representatives. I wish all opportunities were this good. Oh ya, and I am happy with the movies and shows on this Watch Everything Free TV entertainment system.

Hey Don Kym and I are loving your Install !!!! We have already saved $$$ and watching movies that I thought were not even out yet. This is a very cool system. I will never look back to having a cable tv bill again, Thanks again Don !!!

George Segawa
” It’s been just 3 days since I got hooked up to this systems and tell you what? This systems beats all that I know of!! I am not new to prepaid streaming and I love to save monthly fees for services I can get for free or less amount. If you are looking to save real good money every month, you need to get this system. Apart from being a system for life time TV and Movie shows for a small onetime fee, you can actually listen to Local radios, Sing along Karaoke and listen in to local dispatching radios such as police and fire departments. The number and variety of TV shows and movie shows here is incredible!! New shows uploaded every 24 hours, watch movies showing in Movie Theaters in the comfort of your home. Don’t wait for TV show season episodes for more than 25 hours!! I found seasons of shows I have been waiting for, for months. I love sports and wow, a lot of sports to watch. There is live sports and replays of sports I enjoy. Above all, the kind of customer care I got from Chris and Don is impressive right from installation to cleaning up system for smooth operation. My wife and I are grateful to have gotten the system.
George Segawa
Jefferson Wisconsin.”
Stay blessed

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